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(Feat. members of T.O.M.B and Black Seas of Infinity)
Handmade cloth packaging, hand stitched with magical intuition using gold thread. Gold ink silk screened onto black cloth with a blood red wax seal enclosing the contents within. The shimmering gold reflects all light, seducing the intuition and delighting the eye. This elaborately packaged CD includes one randomly selected gold foil Visconti tarot card and one snake vertebrae.

+ Strictly limited to 72 copies


More About this Album from Brian of BRIDE:

The following story is very strange and very true - so much so that it's almost too embarrassing to tell. And it all began appropriately enough on Christmas Eve. I'd been harboring for some years a harebrained idea to do ceremonial magic as performance art and experimental music. A random show I was given for Christmas Day seemed like the perfect opportunity to unveil such a project upon the world. And thus I spent my Christmas Eve making almost every object prescribed by a medieval book of magic. In particular, I used something called the Lesser Key of Solomon. The Key is an example of a medieval grimoire. It's a text that claims to instruct readers on how to perform the same magic Solomon used to create his temple. As the story goes, Solomon called forth demons that were singlehandedly defeated and enslaved with his Biblical power - and then used as cheap construction workers. To be brusque, the Key is goetia, i.e., it tells you how to summon demons. In typical medieval fashion, the text lists all sorts of outlandish objects cheekily impossible to obtain - or at the very least immensely expensive - and all absolutely necessary if you want to touch base with the divine. In any case, I got most of the stuff except the lion skin belt.

But Christmas came and went. Nothing happened at the show, of course, and the days rolled on into summer. Come June, for no particular reason whatsoever, I decided to try again with a lover. There was no prescriptive plan this time. We found some old family bells from Sweden and a basement where candlelight would be the only the light. We placed them around an artistic mat the Key describes as well as various objects the text deems necessary. The bells were hit loudly for a short time and then we were done. Again, nothing happened - or so we thought. Fortunately, we had a small camera recording in the corner of the room. When we reviewed the footage, we saw two dark dots at two different times randomly form in the air - followed by what looks like black string being thrown from the small black orb. Now none of us had thrown any string. A mirror seen in the footage also seems to eerily change its reflection during the course of these two anomalies.

That night in the basement was the beginning of a series of numerous unexplained events that occurred in rapid succession. For example, we experimented with a gramophone horn only to hear loud banging sounds from the window as if someone were knocking. I'd record a keyboard track with a friend and hours later my parts were completely placed out of sequence - on the their own accord. My lover and I both had sleep paralysis experiences with hypnagogic hallucinations involving dark hooded figures; she would even have them right after ringing the Swedish bells and I had mine after the first night with the dark orbs in the basement. I'd go into the woods to conduct further experiments with rituals only to find that the tape player I had - even when another person saw its red recording light - failed to pick up my voice. Finally and most recently, I placed the Key's mat below my keyboard. Accordingly, the volume control stopped working and the sound became incessantly distorted - and it won't go back to normal.

There were others and many of these events were recorded. There are even some experiments featured here where we took sigils and then noted them or drew them on a ribbon controller to create a song. The last experience I discussed above is actually the last song; the first experience in the basement is the first, etc. However, these aren't the only stories or the only songs we have for you.

The second half of the album comes to you from Into the Thicket - a project by a former member of Black Seas of Infinity. I first met him and the band in Utah - appropriately enough - where they had built some sort of coven. They'd make magic and music all day in the mountains with a pile of bones in their basement - including one human skull. Since then, the man behind Into the Thicket has moved on to focus his art upon bones and early photography in the great state of Florida. His songs here also focused upon ritual magic and various subjective ceremonies.

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  • Image of BRIDE//INTO THE THICKET - )O(
  • Image of BRIDE//INTO THE THICKET - )O(
The Black Mass


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