• Image of BUTTONS

***CUSTOMERS*** Due to douchebags ordering just one pin from us, I'm forced to charge more for these buttons. Contact us for discounted prices on larger(more than four buttons) orders.

(from left to right)

ROW 1: Razor, Welter In Thy Blood Logo, WITB Transference Of Misery, Twin Peaks Owl Petroglyph.

ROW 2: Nortt logo, Craft "Terror Propaganda", Craft "Fuck The Universe", Lurker Of Chalice logo.

ROW 3: Nattefrost (a), Nattefrost (b), Antaeus logo, Antaeus "ROT".

ROW 4: Atrax Morgue, NOTHING, Hellhammer "Triumph of Death", Charles Manson ATWA

ROW 5: Taake(a), Taake shield, Taake(b), Taake(c).

Ordering more than five? Contact us for a special bulk rate.