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CORPS ///LIVE CLUB DOM 12.02.18\\\ Limited Cassette Tape


  • Image of CORPS ///LIVE CLUB DOM 12.02.18\\\ Limited Cassette Tape
  • Image of CORPS ///LIVE CLUB DOM 12.02.18\\\ Limited Cassette Tape

Moscow underground music scene veteran and pioneer of Russian industrial Alexey Tegin, is most known for his multiple decades long leadership of the esoteric musical collective known as Phurpa. For those who don't know, Phurpa is an ever changing roving monastic choir that espouses a rogue form of Bön, the shamanistic spirituality of pre-Buddhist Tibet.

Tegin's lesser-known project, CORPS, is focused on a similar thing – pure sound. Tegin builds instruments from scrap metal and dons a gas mask on stage, but, as he notes, it’s the same sort of shamanism.

"All instruments are made by me, I am good hand-maker – if I need a cosmic sound I know how to build something that will generate it. The concept is a situation that can manifest, the whole planet destroyed by a third world war – post-apocalyptic. The survivors rediscover music without memories of what any of the styles sounded like before destruction. They use what’s available to play the music inside them – very natural, like animal sound."

CORPS was the first project in Tegin´s career. Deeply rooted in his industrial research, CORPS suggests a state of quiet ecstasy and estrangement, a practice that aims to erase “the paranoia of the present” through pure sound and its vibrations. Born from radical experimentation and evolved for meditative exigences, Tegin associates the disengagement from reality with the roaring post-apocalyptic sounds of Noise and Industrial, which Tegin describes as Modern Bön.

No tracks, pure industrial-noise captured in a live ritual from 2018, divided into two parts.

Limited Edition of 20 Professionally Duplicated cassettes of Super Ferric Tape housed in silver cassette shells with White Direct Shell Imprinting.